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A new road to indigenous housing

BIG Housing Pty Ltd is driving change in the indigenous housing environment, by enabling effective communication between the community and the providers, ensuring a winning outcome for all parties. 

What We Do


 With extensive consultation with the Elders and the Community, and using the decades of experience in our team, dwellings are designed that provide suitable cultural, environmental and financially viable solutions. 


With access to cutting edge design and materials at our disposal, and embracing and training local community members for labour,  construction is completed to provide timely and economical efficient outcomes. 



 With our unique community ownership model, and employment and training solutions, we engage the community at all levels of the process from building,  to maintenance, and community support activities.

About Us

Big Housing Pty Ltd manages the design and construction of houses, with a specific focus on indigenous housing. The management team at Big Housing have a passion for changing the way housing is delivered, and managed in Aboriginal and Torres Strait communities.


With a focus on the communities owning and buying into the establishment of housing and related infrastructure, our indigenous partners feel pride and progress with what we achieve together. We work with elders in indigenous communities, to help them to secure the necessary funding, then designing the type of housing that meets the specific needs of each community.


We work with some of the most highly respected housing and construction businesses in remote areas, who have built hundreds of houses whilst actively engaging and training indigenous people in the program. We establish profit share arrangements with the elders in each community, re-investing that money over and over again as progress and pride are restored for each community.


Community development that involves local indigenous involvement is the cornerstone of the BIG Housing model. We spend time with the elders in each region, and indigenous members of our team work hard to align a joint vision for what is needed to an agreed deadline and budget. We then work to establish a bi-partisan town planning model that is ecologically friendly and with the elders in the community. When funding is secured, our indigenous team members manage the recruitment and training of local people into the projects. A real sense of ownership and pride is instilled from day one, as we follow a proven set of principals.


At the heart of all of our projects is a deep understanding of the land, and the cultural ties each community has to the soil on which they live. This respect for heritage and culture is present from the very first meeting with elders, as we work to better understand the stories of each homeland. This information is formed into part of a detailed brief for our design teams, who have a clear understanding of the need to incorporate this heritage into the planning stages of the community development programs we share.


our expertise

Community Engagement

The community is embraced at all levels in our projects, from employment and training to giving back via ownership, to ensure suitability of outcomes and to facilitate pride and ownership from a community level.

Strategic Planning

Our team can map out the project from start to finish, including all planning, build and maintenance requirements for the project.

Rapid Construction

By utilising the latest techniques and materials, and embracing our highly skilled procurement team, we are able to complete projects in much more efficient timeframes.

Relocation Services

In some project specific models, we can de-construct and relocate projects to suit demand, such as short term housing requirement for funerals, or accommodation near elder care facilities.

Ongoing Maintenance

As part of our commitment to the communities we work with, and where possible employing local community members, we establish capable ongoing maintenance teams to ensure that what is supplied continues to provide the outcomes intended.

Our Partners

The Team

Richard Prowse

Director – CEO

Richard Prowse has a deep understanding of the connectivity indigenous people have with their land. Both of Richard’s brothers have worked in the housing and construction industry in remote aboriginal communities, and have married into families in their respective regions. This all triggered an emotional connection for Richard with the need to assist Elders to build sustainable housing and employment opportunities in their homelands. Recently Richard led a team of people into   the Mutitjulu communities at Uluru to understand just how impoverished the local communities living standards have become. In what should be the centerpiece or benchmark for indigenous housing programs, Richard was appalled at the living conditions that people had to endure. Richard became more and more motivated to make a real difference to the people in Mutitjulu.


Richard’s civil duties do not stop there, as he also has a deep passion for road safety across Australia. In 2016 Richard was appointed onto the Victims of Crime Committee by the Attorney General in the Victorian Government. Richard is passionate about reducing our road toll, and this includes improved driver education programs in remote aboriginal communities.

Mark Murphy

Director – COO

After completing a Commerce Degree at Melbourne University, Mark successfully built several businesses in the printing and packaging industries.

In recent times, Mark has travelled to Uluru with Richard Prowse to better understand the need for housing in remote aboriginal communities. Mark is passionate about working with elders and bridging the communication gap to rlease more funds for indigenous housing programs. 

Mark has a background in procurement and strategic soucing via The Business Impact Group ( BIG). BIG is an eco system made up of 15 different companies who all own a piece of the BIG platform in a non-compete environment. Through this and other business networks, Mark is able to assist in linking together key personnel who will help drive the new frontier of indigenous housing in Australia.

King Arthur

Director – Procurement

Procurement professional with 35 years of experience including GM roles with ASX100 listed companies. Over the past decade King has managed all procurement related aspects of a $80M annual maintenance function, in addition to implementing a “Design & Construct” methodology for construction works valued at $6M p.a. During this same period King provided procurement expertise to a $100M recycling plant construction project.


Jason Bertalli


With over 25 years of experience in different industries, including 15 years advisory work with BNR Partners as Director of Franchise & Business Services , Jason brings a depth and breadth of knowledge to be able to offer practical and productive solutions to business and finance issues.

Having consulted to a various levels of business and government, he embraces solid business methodologies blended with a more personalised service to provide unique and efficient solutions. BNR Partners also has a team dedicated to working with Estates, Charities and Native Title.

Jason holds various Directorships, and also sits on the Victorian CPA Public Practice Committee where he helps engage, represent and advance the interests of CPA members in Public Practice in Victoria.

Simon Duffie

Director – Project Management

For 29 years Simon has been involved in the commercial and domestic construction industry. A long- term member of the Master Builders Association, having worked in management and the trades. His positions have included Management, Operations and Logistics in Building, Plumbing and Fire services. His registered builder, having Diplomas in Business Management, Counselling, Advanced Counselling and completing a BA in psychology.